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Gus Tattoo

1387 Avenue Mont-Royal E
Montréal, Québec

Événements – Events

February 19th to 21th: Fan Expo at Vancouver Convention Center

July: Moving to Kamloops, BC

4 thoughts on “Contact et événements

  1. Bonjour!

    I’m looking for a tattoo of this It’s a mix of all of my favorite crews Jolly Rogers who have philosophies I believe in. BUT I would like a more realistic version, like the image you posted of Brook. I’ve had some other offers but really they always make the skull look WAY too dark. I was hoping for a light happy version to really have the same feeling that the anime has.

    If you’d like to give me a price for a concept drawing for this I’d be happy to discuss it further!


    1. Well instead of going only realistic, I would suggest to do a semi-realistic style mixed with a little japanese (with the sakura petals). For exemple my brook drawing is semi-realistic. This logo type cannot really be made realistic as it is, it wouldn’t be pretty. I would suggest to take the elements of the logo and integrate it in a more fluent tattoo, going with the body curves, than the static logo type. When we see a realistic skull, we always tend to think of a darker context. By playing with the elements of it’s background and by making it more colorfull, we can change the mood of it. Also make a quick search about tibetan skull tattoos, you may like the style. And finally, I do not draw for other tattoo artists, only for my clients.

      1. In terms of what I meant by realistic, I was as implying something similar to your Brooks drawing. Point in case of me saying « like your Brooks drawing ». Haha. I wasn’t trying to split hairs, but yes, « semi-realistic » is

        Do you ever come to the States? Because I would love to buy a tattoo but probably can’t afford to travel to Montreal for it.

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